Sunday, 15 January 2012

On second thought, maybe not..

So, I was feeling neighbourly today and while I was having the rare opportunity to play outside in the snow with Ruby, I decided to 'pop' over to their house and say hello (I could hear them shoveling). I had a great chat with her and soon her husband came over. The discussion turned to the tractor that wouldn't start and how they'd need to get it started soon because the horses were running out of hay. Of course, I volunteered Mike's services. I'm great for that.
So, long story short, Mike went over to help out and as a distraction for Eli (who most definitely did not want his Dadoo to go anywhere) I suggested we bake some cookies. He was more than happy with this arrangement. Before we got very far, Oliver woke up, so I went upstairs to get him. He wanted a cuddle from Daddy, but at the mention of cookies, he came rip around the corner with all the speed of Lightning McQueen. We started with the dry ingredients. We were making a gluten free batch of chocolate chip cookies. Eli was getting a head start on the chocolate chips. The sun was shining brightly on the snow, the dog was curled up by the fire and I thought, "Gosh darn it, I'm just a regular Holly Housewife!" I even went as far as to think, "Maybe I'll whip up a batch of regular cookies for the neighbours. And that is about the time it all fell apart.
Eli's coughing got worse and worse until finally he managed to puke because he was coughing so hard. Chocolate chip puke all over the counter. More on the chair as I cleaned up the first pile, more on the floor as I cleaned up that pile and more still on the floor twice more before he finally managed to pull himself together. At first he was very distraught, but soon settled into the habit of indicating where the mess was that I should clean up. Oliver watched it all go down from atop his chair and Ruby trotted over to see if she could score a snack. It was a precisely this moment, I thought strongly against bringing the neighbours some cookies...
So the rest of the day continued, Mike plowed the driveway with our friends four wheeler and plow. The boys watched off and on from the window. Mike managed to help the neighbour get his tractor going (I knew Mikey could do it! "Give it to Mikey, he'll fix anything!") Then bedtime came 'round.
I knew in my heart that it had gone too easily the first time. A half hour later Oliver was calling for me and we began that whole 'song and dance' about 'a dwink'...'a dwink!!!' It's hard to deny your sick toddler a sip of water, so I indulged him...several times! I was just about to completely lose it when he asked for one more drink. In my head I thought, okay, this is the LAST one. He had a sip and told me he was done. I put the cup back, tucked him back in, got situated and he said, "Puppy...need dwink!" Hillarious. Even to me in my hot tempered state. I indulged. Then I drew a cold, hard line in the sand and 15 minutes later he was asleep. It could be a long night.

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  1. My kids did the whole water thing....noe they have water bottles next to their bed with flip up straws and they can drink till the bottle is gone...once it's gone there is no more! it works and saves my sanity from running to them every 5 minutes!